Mission, Vision, & Values


CareLink of Northwest Georgia serves as a community health and wellness clinic providing low cost, high
quality medical care and support resources to those who are in need.


CareLink of Northwest Georgia is a comprehensive and sustainable community resource center with the
goal of providing long-term health and wellness services leading to healthier lives, healthier families and
thus, a healthier community.

Strengthening Individuals → Healthier Families → Community Health


  • Integrity and Ethics – Operating at the very highest levels of medical, administrative, operational, legal and ethical conduct while nurturing a culture of purposeful governance to oversee this conduct;
  • Financial Responsibility – Being an excellent steward of community resources by maximizing the percentage of annual revenues spent on programs while minimizing expenses spent on administrative costs;
  • Honesty and Transparency – Having all activities conducted in an honest and open manner, including full cooperation with any nonprofit ‘watch dog’ agencies;
  • Quality – Having all programs, services, resources, operational processes and human resources strive for the highest standards of excellence;
  • Results-Oriented – Producing the best positive results as determined by program evaluations for those we serve and for those who donate funds;
  • Sustainability and Comprehensiveness – Developing all organizational programming using long- term strategic planning together with long-term maintenance, while taking into account environmental, economic and social dimensions to ensure that program benefits are maximized;
  • Impartiality – Making no discrimination as to nationality, ethnicity, age, gender, religious beliefs, socio-economic status or political opinions;
  • Voluntary Service and Independence – Ensuring that all members of the Board of Directors, organization staff and volunteers maintain the Mission of the nonprofit organization by avoiding conflicts of interest, external influences or personal issues.